A list of the rarest supercars

If you thought Lamborghinis and Ferraris were rare, take a look at this list!

Mclaren F1
Mclaren F1 – Only 100 were ever made and only 60 were made to be road legal. First sold for $1 million, it now costs more than $1.5 Million.

Aston Martin One-77
Aston Martin One- 77 – Only 77 of these were built and they have been sold for upwards of $1.88 Million.

Bristol Fighter
Bristol Fighter – Only 53 were built. They were powered 8.0L V10s that packed up to 1000 bhp. Now worth approximately $250,000.

Ascari KZ1
Ascari KZ1 – Only a maximum of 50 have been built by the company. Costs approximately $366,000.

Gumpert Apollo
Gumpert Apollo – Only 47 were ever built. Got to 224 mph and it cost $389,000.

Lamborghini Reventon – Only 40 (20 coupes and 20 roadsters) were ever made. And it cost upwards of $1.56 Million.

Ferrari 250 GTO
1962 Ferrari 250 GTO – Only 39 were made. It is now considered a collectible with prices going well over $23.4 Million.

1987 RUF CTR Yellowbird – Only 30 were ever made. It only has 400+ horsepower, but it goes over 210 mph.

Ferrari FXX – 29 customer releases exist and they cost around $3.1 Million. And that’s a lot for a non road-legal Enzo.

Mercedes CLK GTR
Mercedes CLK GTR – Only 26 examples still exist. They cost about $1.5 Million.

911 GT1
Porsche 911 GT1 – Only 23 of these were ever made. Actually, I hadn’t even heard of it until now. The price: $2.34 Million.

SSC Ultimate Aero
SSC Ultimate Aero – Only 15 have been built. They have a top speed of 257 mph and held the fastest production car record for quite a while. They cost about $550,000 which is a bargain to it’s only comparison: The Buggati Veyron.

Cizeta V16T
Cizeta V16T – Only 13 were made and they cost around $780,000. The impressive fact about this car is that it has a 6.0L V16.

Caparo T1
Caparo T1 – Only 8 exist. Has a power to weight ratio of 1000 bhp/ton. Price: Only $150,000.

Isdera 112i
Isdera 112i – Official estimates state that only 6 were ever made. They had 6.0L Mercedes V12s and they cost $468,000.

AD Tramontana
AD Tramontana – Only 5 of these 215+ mph cars were ever built. They cost $545,000 at the moment.

Lotec Sirius
Lotec Sirius – Only 5 of these have been built and they carry a 1200 horsepower engine. They cost about $625,000.

Lamborghini Miura Jota
Lamborghini Miura Jota – Yes, we have heard of the Miura. But, what about the Miura Jota? Only one was ever made, however, it crashed. Customers demanded more releases, which lead to only 5 being made.

Volkswagen W12
Volkswagen W12 – Only 3, yes 3 were ever made. Extremely rare car. Volkswagen’s dream of a supercar foiled, and now only 3 exist. Price: Over $1.5 million.

Yamaha OX99-11
Yamaha OX99 11 – Only 3 of these were made as well, but this was the only car that could be compared to the Mclaren F1 at the time. Price for this insanity? Over $1.5 Million.

Panther Six
Panther Six- Only 2 of these were made. It was powered by a twin-turbo Cadillac V8 and could hit 200 mph. Now worth over $150,000.

Noble M600
Noble M600 – 2 of these monsters exist and they cost around $310,000.

Nissan R390
Nissan R390 – 2 of these cars were made and they have 641 bhp engines. They cost about $1.25 Million.

Koenigsegg CCX – Only 2 of these were made as well, but the engine produced 1081 horsepower and these cars cost more than $1.5 Million.

Lotec C1000
Lotec C1000 – A one-off 854 horsepower Mercedes powered car that now costs only $468,000.

Keating TKR
Keating TKR – Packed up to 2000 horsepower. Top speed is 260+ mph and it is worth “only” $624,000.

C12 Zagato
Spyker C12 Zagato – Only 1 ever made. Utilized an Audi W12 for it’s power and it’s worth about $650,000.

Bentley Hunaudieres
Bentley Hunaudieres – Another one off mentalist. Built with a 625 horsepower W12 and a cost of over $1.5 Million.

Chrysler ME412
Chrysler ME412 – A 850 twin-turbo monster that was so expensive that Chrysler could only make one. It’s now worth about $1.56 Million.

Ford GT90
Ford GT90 – A 720 horsepower quad-turbo (WHAT??) engine that promised at least 235 mph. The cost? $1.56 Million.

Maybach Exelero – Powered by a 5.9L V12 that packed over 700 horsepower, it could go up to 218 mph. Sadly, only one was ever made and it is now worth over $8 Million.

Pagani Zonda Tricolore
Pagani Zonda Tricolore – Only 1 of these exist and it costs well over $2.3 Million. It’s sad to see only one was made. Correction Only 3 were made.

Ferrari P4/5
Ferrari P4/5 – Just an Enzo with a different body kit, and someone paid over $4 Million for it.

Jaguar XJ13
1966 Jaguar XJ13 – Only one of these exist as well, but the difference with this is that Jaguar still owns the car and they have placed it outside Rodin Museum in Paris. This one costs about $15.6 Million.

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Well, I'm now 18. Basically, all you need to know is that I love Lamborghinis. Actually, I love all supercars, but I love Lamborghinis the most.

3 Responses to A list of the rarest supercars

  1. You’re wrong about the Zonda Tricolore… There is 3 coupé produced ! 😉

    • Aventador_NB says:

      Yes, you are correct. I somehow received the wrong information. There were three produced, but I believe there is only Zonda R.

      Thank you for the correction,

  2. 15 Zonda R 😉


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